May 16, 2016

What to Look For In Your Dog Boarding Facility

Group of 12 Dogs

Choosing a place to board your dog while you leave town can be difficult.  With so many different places, service offerings, and cost structures, deciphering all of the options can be confusing!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right facility for you and your pup.

Tour the facility:  Make sure you visit your potential boarder. You should be able to drop in at any time during normal business hours.  If you need to make a reservation or they are only available during certain hours, ask them why.  Are they only clean during those times? Are they covering up some other flaws?

Behavior of other dogs: When touring the facility, how are the other dogs behaving?  Are they barking and acting like they have too much energy? Is the building too loud? Does the building smell bad and are messes not being cleaned up in the dogs’ rooms?  While accidents happen, a facility should not have a strong urine or feces smell.

Extra fees: Does the facility charge for a room and extra for potty breaks outside, playtime and butt scratches?  Choose a facility that gives you all of those for one price.  Often, businesses charge extra for all of those, costing you MUCH more than you need, or want, to pay.

Friendly staff: Is the staff friendly and happy?  If not, ask yourself, “Would I want my dog cared for by these people?” If the staff is happy, your dog should be as well.

Hours of operation: Are they open seven days a week for drop-off and pick-up?  Are their hours of operation from early in the morning until later in the day/evening?

Webcams to watch your dog: If they have open playrooms, are there webcams set up where you can watch them interact?  You will also be able to tell if your dogs are getting the playtime that you are paying for.

We do hope these tips give you some assistance in finding the right place to leave your dog at when needed.  If you’re looking for a boarding facility that satisfies ALL of these questions and then some, contact DogDayz and let us take care of your dog today!

Brian, Head Mutt at DogDayz

2 thoughts on “What to Look For In Your Dog Boarding Facility

  1. Thanks for this. Although we do not live in Indiana any more, my dogs Chance and Jessie were among your very first guests. They were always happy to go there. Jessie is no longer with us, but Chance, my Australian shepherd is alive and well at the age of 13.
    glad to see your success is continuing.

  2. Special Kudos to your employee/manager, Bobbi Bernhardt!. Many people feel much safer leaving their beloved animals in her care. All the staff is fabulous as well!

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