DayCamp: Doggy Daycare

Let Your Dog Play During the Day

Looking for a doggy daycare near Indianapolis where your pup can run around and socialize with other pets while you’re at work? Feel like you’re juggling too much on your own with work, school, soccer practices, and other errands? At DogDayz, we find the time for your pet when life becomes too busy. At our daycare, we form dog groups by age, play style, and size, with each group having its own special room to maximize compatibility and comfort. We ensure your dog will get to meet new friends and play all day!

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Join us for our NEW DayCamp Enrichment Activities! Starting mid-September, they include Bubble Days, Ball Pit Days, Agility Equipment Play Days, Scents Days, Art Days, and Treat Game/Puzzles Days.  Some will be on an individual basis, and some will be group activities.

Pricing and Packaging – The First Day is FREE!

We are so confident that DogDayz is the perfect fit for you and your pet that we offer a complimentary first-day stay for free. If it is your first time, we ask that you arrive a little early so we can show your pet around and allow them to get comfortable before the other dogs arrive. A little acclimation can make a big difference!

DayCamp Prices:

  • First day: $0
  • Full Day: $28
  • Half Day (6 hours or less): $22
  • Additional dog (full or half day): $22

Doggy DayCamp Hours:

  • Monday – Friday:  6:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Saturday – Sunday:  8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

High-Value Packages:

  • Buy 5 full days, get 1 half day free
  • Buy 10 full days, get 1 full day free
  • Buy 10 half days, get 1 half day free

Combining Services

We offer a complete catalog of services for your canine companion outside of just Doggy DayCamp. While your pet stays with us during the day, we can combine dog-care with our grooming or dog training services. By combining services with us, you can enjoy more free time, and your pup can revel in the presence of other happy dog friends.

Our Mantra: A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog!

While your pet will only think of it as play, running around with all the other dogs is great exercise for your pet. Instead of being stuck inside at home, our daycare program allows them to get out and get healthy. The best part? You won’t have to worry about getting your pet his or her required daily exercise, which might be tricky as some breeds need up to 2 daily hours!

At DogDayz, we NEVER crate your dog, leaving your pet to roam freely in our playrooms and outdoor play areas.

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Ready to sign your pet up for hours of daily play? Have any additional questions for our local dog-care experts? Contact us today to book your next DayCamp appointment or ask any additional questions.