Gabi Update – July, 2006

Sorry for not putting any update on here for sometime concerning Gabi and her progress. Many things have happened since January, mouth ulcers that required steroids, weight issues among them. She has fought through all of that and is now doing great!

Gabi-06-06We went back to Columbus, OH last week for Gabi’s 5 month, post-radiation check up and everything looked good. Her weight was down by about 7-8 lbs. since she was there in January. Gabi’s holistic Dr., Dr. Alexandra Barrientos in N.Y., saw her last bloodwork and was very encouraged at what she saw. Gabi did not have a hypothyroid condition, which could have caused her weight gain, but seemed to be very efficient at absorbing the food she has been eating. Along with her whole system recovering I have cut down on the amount of food she is eating which has helped her weight issues out.

Unlike her dad, Gabi’s hair is starting to grow back nicely along her muzzle. It is coming back white so she now has a white muzzle. It may turn black but as of now the hair is white. Dr. Prescott (MedVets, Columbus, OH) asked about how people react to her “physical deformity” caused by the surgery. My response was that people do not notice the portion of her upper jaw that was taken out. I would be willing to bet that most of you reading this would not know Gabi had gone through all of this unless you were told about it. The surgeons did a great job keeping her healthy and looking good.

There is not much else to write at this point. Gabi is doing great. Her weight is down, as of last week there were no signs of regrowth of any tumors and her energy and attitude are awesome. She is a very strong girl. She is working and playing hard everyday.

If unfortunately you or anyone you know has a dog that comes down with cancer, please call me and let me share with you all that I have learned since Gabi came down with this. I went for weeks trying to figure out what to do.

Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and notes for my girl.

Brian – Gabi’s Dad