Gabi Update – May, 2007

I just realized it has been about 5 months since there has been an update on Gabi. She has been doing very well….so well, that I forget what she has/is going through with the cancer. She is now almost 16 months past radiation and looking forward to the days ahead.

Gabi-07-05aShe has had a couple of more check ups with Dr. Prescott in Columbus, OH, all of them with a good report on her progress. Dr Alex in New York likes what they have seen concerning her bloodwork and her immune system getting stronger. She is due for a new round of blood testing by Dr. Alex so we will know soon how she has done since last falls testing.

The only thing she has going on right now is her allergies. Because of the radiation she now has, what I call, and overactive booger glands in her nose and now with the allergies she does get stuffed up. We now get to share time together picking Gabi’s nose trying to keep it clear. My girlfriend, Erica, claims Gabi now snores louder than me………I have lost my throne.

Continued thanks for all of you that have asked about her health and progress. As always, if you unfortunately find out your pet, or anyone else’s pet that you know, feel free to have them contact me so I can share my experiences and things that I have learned with them.