Dog Grooming in Fishers, Indiana

A happy dog can become grouchy when it’s time for brushing or a nail trim, but the professional groomers at DogDayz know how to calm even the most agitated pups for grooming. If you’re in need of Fishers dog grooming services, contact us today to get a price quote.

Keeping pets healthy

Dog grooming is an important component of your pet’s overall health. Services such as hair mat removal and moisturizer therapy help prevent and alleviate irritated skin. Regular teeth brushing helps maintain your pet’s oral health, and ear cleaning removes debris that could cause irritation or infection.

Dog Being Groomed

The same phenomenon that makes rowdy dogs behave calmly and passively at the veterinarian’s office applies to grooming, too. People are often surprised to learn that their dog allowed us to clean its ears or trim its nails.

We offer a full range of Fishers dog grooming services, and if you’re dropping off your dog for our doggie DayCamp, you can arrange for us to handle your dog’s grooming needs during the day. We also offer grooming services for dogs in our short-term or long-term boarding facilities.

Happier dogs (and humans)

Many dog owners feel guilty about not brushing their pet’s teeth or keeping up with other grooming tasks. But when dogs dislike grooming, their owners may decide that foregoing grooming is better than the alternative.

Say goodbye to guilt and hello to a happier, healthier dog when you choose DogDayz for dog grooming in Fishers. Our groomers are highly attuned to dogs’ emotional reactions and know how to ease dogs into grooming without causing them distress.

Special cases

Dogs have been known to wallow in mud, stick their heads in trashcans and get a little too close to irritable skunks. DogDayz is prepared for such situations. A bath and our odor removal services will leave your dog smelling fresh again.

Competitive pricing

The costs for our grooming services vary, depending on the size of your dog, its coat and other factors. We are always happy to offer a detailed, up-front estimate for services. Ask for your quote by using our online contact form today.