May 26, 2021

Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

Summer Vacation Boarding for Your Furry Friend

Sometimes your family vacation doesn’t include your four-legged family members. When you have to leave your dog behind, you need trustworthy, friendly caretakers to ensure your dog is properly cared for when you leave. That’s exactly what dog boarding does. Check out these benefits of boarding your dog the next time you hit the road!

Playtime & Exercise

Your dog needs activity every day. Rather than leaving a bored dog in your home, taking them to a dog boarding facility ensures they get plenty of exercise to keep them engaged. At DogDayz, we always say “a tired pup is a good pup,” and that couldn’t be more true. Dogs that get to exercise, play, and interact with other dogs spend more time having fun and burning energy and less time stressed out. When you board your dog, you give them more time in spacious playrooms to run around and exercise. Even as a human that sounds much better than being home alone with a dog sitter.

Socializing with Pup Pals

Overnight stays at a dog kennel or boarding facility mean your pup gets to play and socialize with their other furry friends. Just like us humans, dogs need to socialize with friends to lead healthy, well-balanced lives. When your dog has friends to play with, they are often less anxious and adapt to their new environment more easily. While your dog may be missing their favorite humans, playing with other dogs makes the time apart a better experience for your pup.

Pup Safety & Comfort

To give our guests the best experience possible, your dog will have their own room, rather than a traditional kennel or crate. This allows your dog to move, stretch, relax and get comfortable with their new environment. 

Learn more about boarding at DogDayz in Noblesville, here!

Proper Nutrition

Another perk of dog boarding is that your pup will be given proper food and water while you’re away. That means no worrying over whether the dog sitter remembered to stop by. What’s more, you can speak with a boarding facility staff member to go over any specific dietary needs or concerns. Rest assured your dog will be full on kibble and fun!

Professional Care & Supervision

The DogDayz team works to provide the highest level of care to our guests. Furthermore, our staff understands that every dog has a unique personality. To ensure the most harmonious experience, we group playmates by temperament, size and age. For the younger guests, dogs aged 6 through 12 months, we use our expertise to decide who belongs in the play areas based upon their observed behavior. This means guests get to relax and play without worry!

Peace of Mind for You & Your Pup

A happy, healthy pup makes you a happy pet parent. From week long summer vacations to month long road trips, DogDayz’s team of caring, professional dog lovers are here to ensure your furry family members are taken care of while you’re away. If you’re on the hunt for dog boarding services in Noblesville or Fishers, Indiana, click the link below for more information or to reserve your pup’s room!