Long Term Dog Boarding in Fishers

Whether you’re planning a short road trip or an extended family vacation, you’ll need someone to care for your dogs while you’re away. DogDayz offers affordable long term dog boarding in Fishers, with amenities that will make your pets feel like they’re on vacation, too.

Our accommodations start at $40 per night for one dog and $25 for each additional dog in the same room. If your dog needs more space, we have larger rooms equipped with satellite TV starting at $45 per night for one dog, and $27 for each additional dog in the same room.

All-inclusive services

When choosing a provider of long term dog care, Fishers residents want some assurance that their pet won’t feel bored or lonely. Included in the cost of your pet’s stay is four hours per day of supervised playtime with other dogs and eight potty breaks. Our staff also devotes extra attention to shy or older pets that prefer less playtime.

Extra activities

A low-energy basset hound may be completely exhausted after four hours of playtime, whereas a spirited Australian shepherd may require a lot more mental stimulation. We offer optional add-on activities that keep active and inquisitive dogs engaged and fulfilled during their stay, including two hours of extra playtime per day for $8, and our Board-N-Train program.

Board-N-Train hour-long classes help your pet develop good dog manners and understand important commands. The rate is $50 for a single session, or:

  • $45 per hour, with the purchase of three sessions
  • $40 per hour, with the purchase of five sessions
  • $32 per hour, with the purchase of 10 sessions

When your dog participates in Board-N-Train sessions, our trainers will explain to you what skills and commands your dog has learned and provide recommendations for reinforcing those new abilities.

Grooming options

Is your pet due for a nail trim or a haircut? We offer a full menu of grooming services. And if your pet isn’t fond of grooming, don’t worry – our professional groomers take the time to make sure pets are relaxed and comfortable before beginning any grooming task.

Choose your services

We’re more than just a long term Fishers dog boarding facility. With services that include day care, grooming, on-site and in-home training, dog owners can count on us for a variety of needs.

Feel free to stop in or call us to ask about our customizable menu of services. Or use our online form to send us a question.