Dog Training Fishers Residents Can Trust

Dogs were domesticated thousands of years ago, but they still exhibit many primal behaviors – digging, chewing, barking and chasing, to name a few. Without proper training, some puppies never learn to control these instincts, and they grow into large, unruly dogs.

The saying that old dogs can’t learn new tricks is untrue – any dog can learn a command, as long as its trainer and owner have the time and patience to teach it. Attendees at our DogDayz dog training classes in Fishers have included older dogs that need to work on a particular skill, as well as puppies that haven’t yet developed a concept of what’s acceptable behavior.

We limit our class size to 12 dogs, so we can give each dog and owner the appropriate level of attention and feedback. Our goal is to teach skills and obedience, but also to help owners improve communication with their pets, so they may continue teaching skills on their own.

Why training is important

Dog training is important for several reasons. In homes with small children, an out-of-control dog is a safety hazard, even when it’s not an aggressive animal. Dogs that play-bite or jump on people can accidentally hurt a small child.

Untrained dogs can also cause considerable damage in a home, from scratching at doors, chewing on belongings and soiling indoors. And dogs that don’t listen to owners’ commands could be at risk of being injured, if they should escape the back yard or wriggle free of their leash while on a walk.

A six-week commitment

Consistency is the key to helping dogs learn, so we ask our dog training class participants to attend each scheduled one-hour session in the six-week course, because each ensuing lesson may build on previous lessons learned. Classes are in the evening — at 6 and 7:15 p.m. — to accommodate the schedules of people who work during the day.

The course fee for our Puppy Foundation Class or Basic Manners Class is $120 — a competitive rate for dog training classes in Fishers.

Flexible options

Some dogs learn more easily when they’re not distracted by other dogs, so we also offer private training, either at our building or in your home. And if you’ll be boarding your dog with us, ask about our one-hour Board-N-Train sessions.

Our flexibility allows us to offer custom training options that suit your schedule. Call us today to find out more.